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Enjoy success that comes from professional women networking together. Link resources at The Heart Link Network®.


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Establish new revenue streams, create valuable and lasting connections, and build life-long friendships as you network.


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Become a member of The Heart Link Network®, and receive a full page online business ad worth $180 in our HLN Directory.


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Grow your business, expand your circle of influence, and increase your social capital as you enjoy like-minded business women.


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Stand up, and stand out, as a networking leader with other like-minded professional women in your community.


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Take time to effectively and powerfully network with other professional women in a FUN, intimate, welcoming environment.

Meet Our Heart Link Leaders

How is the Heart Link Women's Network Unique?

A landmark UCLA study suggests relationships between women are special. They shape who we are and who we have yet to become.  Scientists explain that connecting with women, who become friends, can actually counteract the kind of stomach-quivering stress most women experience daily.

Women, networking with women, can improve health and alleviate stress simply by joining together for breakfast, lunch or dinner and having fun at a business networking event designed just for them.

The Heart Link Network® is built on a unique business networking model designed on the female endocrine system that provides safe, intimate, non-threatening, women-only business networking opportunities for professional women.

The Heart Link Network® will help you expand your social capital, multiply your connections, grow your business, all the while improving your health.

The Heart Link Network® invites you to showcase you and your business for 3 minutes with women who really care about you and what you do.

I’ve made it my life’s mission to work with individuals, couples and organizations to help them unlock the keys to personal resilience and emotional intelligence. I have learned that if people gain insight into their color personality tendencies and learn to understand the color personality tendencies of others they flourish across all life domains.  Naturally curious and driven by a desire to understand and effectively communicate with people, I inspire people to implement practical tools and strategies that are informed by latest advances in neuroscience, personality and human psychology.

CEO/Founder, Dawn L. Billings