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By dawn billings On October - 28 - 2011   

Work Smarter, Not Harder

25 Creative Ways To Advertise Your Business In Your Community and Die of Exhaustion

Are you in Direct Sales? Are you looking for creative ways to market your home business? If so, you have probably come across a list like the one below that is supposedly sharing with you some great and creative ideas that you can use to advertise your home business, in your local community.

However, I read through the list below and I was so exhausted I had to go take a nap. Whew!! Women we are already so busy doing the job of 4 people that this list left me feeling over-whelmed.

Not that there aren’t some great ideas below, there are, but my goodness, who has the time or money to do them?

Let’s take a look at a few ideas.

1. Check out your local area State Fairs and Community Carnivals. Ask about getting a booth or table and set it up with your business information. People love to shop at Fairs and Carnivals, and they are looking to spend money.

2. Purchase some business card styled refrigerator magnets. (How much does that cost?) Hand them out to all of your customers, party hosts, and business contacts. Using a magnet as your business card keeps your business in front of your customer, instead of being hidden away in their wallet. (Maybe it used to but now many people don’t have metal covering o their refrigerator and moms are busy covering the metal refrigerators with priceless works of art by their children.)

3. Give your business products as holiday gifts. Cousin Jane might just love her gift enough, to become a future customer. (That would be awesome, and I am sure we do give many of our products away, but at what price?)

4. Put an AD in the back of local high school yearbooks. You can usually get these ads for around $25.00 which makes it affordable.  ($25 to $50 dollars to go in the back of a year book no one is going to pay attention to – no, I would rather spend that $20 attending The Heart Link Women’s Network and showcasing my business to my target market of women in person, with all eyes on me for a full three minutes.)

5. Put an AD for your business in local Athletic Sports Programs. In the fall, I purchase an AD in our local high school football program for around $40.00. (Again, nope, not my target market, , I would rather spend that $20 attending The Heart Link Women’s Network and showcasing my business to my target market of women in person, with all eyes on me for a full three minutes.)

6. Contact local churches. See if you can place an AD in their weekly church bulletins and activity guides. (Okay, not a bad idea. That is probably free, or at least a donation that you would probably desire to give anyway.)

7. Do you have a local community Play House? If so, get your business AD placed in their play programs.

8. Co-Sponsor a local Youth Athletic Group. Baseball teams, softball teams, cheerleading squads, gymnastic squads and swim teams, etc. are always looking for sponsors.

9. If you have a home business, consider getting a Yard Sign printed up. You will want to place it in your front yard, in a highly visible area.

10. Does your neighborhood hold local Meet and Greets? If so, make sure you go out and attend them. Get to know your fellow community members and make some new contacts.

11. Donate a Raffle Drawing Prize to a Non-Profit Group or Charity in your local community. They are always looking for prize donations for their charitable raffles.

12. Local bus stops and bus sheds. Have you noticed that a lot of them have local business advertising on them? Contact the company and ask them for their advertising rates.

13. Does your local area grocery store allow advertisers to place business ads on the back of their cash register receipts? If so, contact them and ask about their advertising rates.

14. Contact your local Fire and Ambulance companies. Ask them about their upcoming fundraiser events or chicken barbecues. Ask them if you can set up a display table with a few of your products.

15. Contact your local Assisted Living Centers for Senior Citizens. These centers will often hold Senior Shopping Events. Find out the date of the next event and participate by setting up a table display with some of your business products. Seniors can’t get out to shop like they used to, so bring the shopping to them.

16. Does your community hold summer concerts in your local parks? If so, contact them about sponsoring an event or setting up a table.

17. Indoor Concert Venue’s. Have you attended a concert lately? A lot of local businesses co-sponsor these events. Ask the sponsor how you can get some advertising at the event.

18. Does your community print up a free renters guide, house buying guide or used car guide? (you can usually find them for free at your local supermarket). If so, contact them about placing your business ad inside one of the guides.

19. Get your business information printed onto paper text book covers. Donate them to local area adult technical schools and colleges.

20. Is there a local business in your area holding an upcoming Grand Opening? If so, contact them. A lot of times they are giving away freebies to the first few hundred customers. Inquire to see if you can donate a few of your products for their Grand Opening. If you do donate, make sure your business contact information is attached to your products. (Not to be redundant, but again, how much does that cost?)

21. Get your business information printed up on inexpensive bookmarks. Donate these bookmarks to local colleges and libraries. (When was the last time you printed an inexpensive book mark?)

22. Print out some kid’s coloring pages with a small section on them advertising your business and donate them to local area restaurants, daycare’s, doctor’s offices, etc.  (Are you tired yet? I am.)

23. Consider getting some inexpensive mini desktop-sized calendars printed up with your business information on them. Hand these calendars out to local businesses to give to their office employees. (I guess the word inexpensive is relative. I think any money I spend on something that has a low chance of working is EXPENSIVE!)

24. Put your business knowledge to work. Call up your local colleges, cooking schools, craft stores, etc. See if you can come in to teach a class. Sharing your expertise with others is a great way to get new business. (Okay this is always a good idea. When you can get in front of people and showcase your expertise it is always a win. That is why I love The Heart Link Women’s Network)

25. Exchange business cards, fliers and coupons with another Direct Sales consultant. Every time you hand out a customers order, place one of her business cards into your bag, and vice-versa. (I think this is an awesome idea for women to do to support one another. It doesn’t cost anything but a business card and what a great way to share the marketing with one another.)

When it comes to advertising, it’s important to be consistent with your advertising efforts. What does it cost you in both time and money?

Check out the resources at The Heart Link Network. You attend for only $20, then if you choose to secure your spot for 12 months and simply pre-pay for those twelve months (12 X $20 = $240), The Heart Link Network gives you over $1,385.00 worth of online advertising in both the TROVA Business Directory, for all small business professionals, AND TROVA Women Business Directory, which showcases women in business.

Both directories are on the front page of all major search engines. Just type in “women business directory” or “business women directory” and see for yourself.

Are you kidding me? For only $20 a month, you get a light dinner with wonderful professional women, a 3 minute showcase with all eyes, ears and hearts on YOU, business mini-website advertisements on BOTH TROVA Business Directories, AND you get to be listed as a featured business on the Heart Link Network Leader’s location page?!!  Book your reservation NOW!

Now instead of killing yourself and spending money of calendars, magnets, cheesy year book ads, etc., that probably won’t work, you can be advertising your business online and off in the most extraordinary, pleasurable, effective way, AND your business is being powerfully advertised even while you sleep.  Really, does it get better than that?

Don’t miss your amazing opportunity to showcase your business with class and ease. Contact a Heart Link Women’s Network leader in your community.

written by Dawn Billings, CEO and Founder of Find Success, Heart to Heart Media, The Heart Link Network, women networking at its best, creator of the acclaimed Primary Colors Personality Test, and the CAPABLES Parenting Tool, and TROVA Business Networking, TROVA Business Directory, and TROVA Women Business Directory.

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