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By dawn billings On April - 4 - 2010   

Hey Women Enterpreneurs, it’s Dawn Billings, CEO & Founder of the NEW Trova Women Business Directory. You will want to get your FREE business listing today!

Women want to be connected to each other, resources, services and information at the touch of a keyboard.

Yes girls, we are a bit spoiled. We are used to going to our computer to find just about anything we want. We find our restaurants, hair salons, places to buy cribs, children’s clothes, furniture, houses, check out the safest cars, and even some women find love on the Internet.

Young mothers and older women meet, shop and talk online in much the same way they connect offline. We live in an immediate gratification, “make it easy for me to find” society where services MUST be easily FOUND.

According to “The Power of Social Networking For Women Research Study” women cited professional networking and keeping up with friends as the two primary reasons for joining social networking sites. That is why women’s organization like The Heart Link Women’s Network, networking for professional women, and Trova Women Business Directory are two new organizations focused on women, that are taking off.

The Heart Link Women’s Network celebrates their second anniversary in May 2010 and in less than two years, they have over 145 locations in US, Canada and Australia. The excitement around the new women’s networking concept has spread by word of mouth into three countries.

Dawn Billings, inventor, author and entrepreneur is the founder and creator of The Heart Link Women’s Network’s unique female model, has just come up with another wildly exciting concept to help women entrepreneurs. Dawn has created a search engine optimized, online advertising directory to support, showcase and optimize women owned businesses. Optimize being the key word.

Today, in order to be found, you must be optimized. TROVA means “find” in Italian. With millions of listings under any given search term, Dawn has created TROVA Now Online Directories as a way for women owned businesses to easily be FOUND. Every women owned business gets a FREE business listing, but for pennies a day, a woman can choose to have her own optimized mini-site where she can inform potential buyers with information, pictures, videos and more.

Dawn wanted to excite the women who are searching the Internet for services and products by collecting and showcasing them in one great place. Dawn wants every woman to feel that she is going on a treasure hunt when they come to

In a recent study of women, 79% say they educate themselves by researching for products and services online, 64% of which report expecting discounts. 48% report belonging to four or more social networks.

Marketers have targeted women for years, because they control the purse strings. But women are opening those purses to buy more online than ever before.

If you are a woman-owned business and want to list your business with TROVA Women Business Directory for FREE, just visit and within minutes your business will be listed in a directory where YOU are sure to get FOUND.

Dawn L Billings is an ardent advocate for women’s and children’s issues, the author of over 20 books and hundreds of articles on parenting, relationships, entitlement and networking.  Dawn is the CEO and Founder of The Heart Link Womens Network, Trova Women Business Directory and Trova Small Business Directory and The Heart international women’s networking organizations and communities.

Dawn is the creator of the NEW Parenting Tool called Capables, a revolutionary parenting tool and Toddler toy that ends whining and tantrums for good. In 2008 Dawn was selected by Oprah Magazine and The White House project as one of 80 emerging women leaders in the nation. Find out more and buy Dawn’s booksWomen Lifting the World inspirational videos to uplift the hearts of those you love, and the NEW Toddler Teaching Toys called CAPABLES Dawn is also the architect of the Primary Colors Personality Test

[Offtopic: by the way, have you had the opportunity to attend a local Heart Link Women's Network networking event? If not, check out our locations and find a gathering near you! You will be so glad you did. Also check out - TROVA NOW Women Business Directory, and TROVA Business Directory for all small businesses. TROVA in Italian means "Find". Would you like for your business to be found easily both locally and nationally? That is what our new business directories and (launched April 1, 2010) are all about. For more information about how to get your women owned business listed for FREE visit: TrovaNow]

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