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Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 (USA)

Caprice Crebar

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12/19/17 11:00 am
25036 Rancho Clemente
Lagun Niguel, Ca 92677

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Your health and comfort are very important to us, therefore please contact our HLN leaders with any allergy concerns whether they be food allergies, or allergies to pets.

About Caprice Crebar

For 12 years I have been teaching adults and children the importance of eating more fruits, vegetables and grains throughout life to protect their health for the long term. To bridge the gap between what people are eating and what they should be eating, I offer Juice Plus fruit and vegetable capsules, chewables, whole food nutrition bars, meal replacement shakes and our new VEGAN full spectrum Omegas!  Backed by unmatched independent research, Juice Plus is proven to get in the blood and work to improve immunity, protect our cells from damage and give us the daily fresh fruit and vegetable intake that our bodies need to thrive!

The Juice Plus Company also offers a simple system for growing your own organic, non-GMO, nutrient rich produce aeroponically!  It's called the Tower Garden and  requires no soil, waters itself, uses 90% less water than a traditional garden and uses far less space! It's like having a farmers market on your patio! 

I would be honored to help you improve your whole food nutrition intake and your health! 


Latest Event (Nov 28, 2017)

Our Fabulous Attendees

Angeline Benjamin, Amy Neville, Barbara Klein-Robuck, MS, RN, Susan Joslin, Carla Perin, Missy Anderson, Catherine Barr, Christina Martel, Shellee Howard, Sandee Grooms, Michele Gregory, Cristi Ann Millard, Dana Rader, Dawn Haddad, Erika Anuskiewicz, Elynn Light, Gay Howhannesi­an, Greta-Marie Tucker, Cindy Sorensen, Gini Warner, Hillary Briggs, Sabrina Phillips Garrison, Janis Adams, Janis Wade, Jeanne Gormick, Joanna Hendrie, Vickie Marx, Leigh Ann Rowe, Cathie Peterson, Linda Fong, Caprice Crebar, Hillary Pearson, Sonia Salloum, Lisa Marie Gonzales, Marguerite Endres, Marian Chapla-Breault, CLTC, Mary Ellen Graham, Megan Stewart, Misti Blodgett, Maureen Boas, Bettina Zellmer, Nicole DiMonda, Nicole Bastio, Niloo Baroomand, Vicki Orgill, Page Dossey, Paige Lizardo, Rita Reifman, Carol McMahon, Sharon Horowitz, Shelley Salay, Sylvia Adler, Dr. Tara Rasta, Tina Jersey, Tina Pocha, Tina Pocha, Tracy Esslinger, Verlaine Crawford, Vicki Lane, Dr. Jennifer Waddell, Brittany Losey, Wendy Semkus, Gina Almgren,

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