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Robina, Queensland 4226 (Australia)

Janet Culpitt

Upcoming Event

14/07/17 9:30 am
2 Thredbo Dr
Worongary, QLD 4213

Future Events

11/08/17 9:00 am
08/09/17 9:00 am
13/10/17 9:00 am
10/11/17 9:00 am
08/12/17 9:00 am

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About Janet Culpitt

I am thrilled to lead networking events for professional women in our community, and look forward to introducing you to the magnificent women who attend our meetings.

A little about me:
I can help you be seen, get known, and make money. I am a Business Networking Coach, Mentor and Adviser , Magazine Editor and Business Development Manager. My passion is helping others excel with their networking efforts and to Network with Confidence.

My husband Steve and I work together in our own Financial Planning business , and I run a complementing business with it  ,side by side  and together, creating a true benefit to clients and contacts alike.( www.janetculpitt.com.au )

Our joint business, Arrow Focus on Wealth was established over 15 years ago ,to provide Financial Planning and Personal Risk ( Insurance) Advice for clients referred to them from various sources.( www.focusonwealth.com.au )

Creating our own business gave us the flexibility we needed for our 4 children and aged parents whilst establishing a successful business . Most people want to Retire Early and have a lifestyle in retirement that suits their comfort level. That's exactly what we help them with. How to retire early and having the right people around you ( networking). Understanding what is needed and what suits them is our role.

Networking is very important to me , my business and our clients. Meeting other business people helps me offer a clients so much more value as I can confidently refer them to people I know , like and trust.

I am  passionate about teaching business owners and staff how to confidently promote the business they are in ,and create a circle of partners and opportunities with professionalism and integrity.  How to - Be Seen, Get Known ,  and Make Money!

I believe in the power of, being your true self, networking with confidence, developing teams of strategic alliances and can be found transforming business relations through workshops ,leading networking groups and private mentorship.( as well as attending networking events)

I cant wait to have a chat with you. What ar eyou waiting for ? Give me a call.

Latest Event (09/06/17)

Our Fabulous Attendees

Aida DeDemko, Alexis Jordan, Annie Morgan, Debra Yuille, Heather Abbott, Noni Croft, Janet Nisted, Janet Culpitt, Jenny Monnard-Roden, Karen Bailey, Lisa Tolmie, Lynda Steffens, Natalie Dufaux, Diane Viola, Rae Skinner, Sandra Hayward, Sarah Outerbridge, Marsha Dew,

Member Showcase Janet Culpitt

Do you want a steady stream of new clients? Would you like to become a Centre of Influence? Are you getting results by way of referrals & new business? Need some tips or mentoring? Want to expand and develop your own natural style? How can I help you ? - you will be engaging with a Networking & Wealth growth specialist - Connector of people and businesses. Contact me now to see how I can help -initial consultation is free.

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