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Winchester, VA 22601 (USA)

Jen Roszelle

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04/25/18 8:45 am
3035 Valley Avenue, #101
Winchester, VA 22601

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04/28/18 10:00 am
05/15/18 12:15 pm
05/21/18 12:00 pm
05/30/18 8:30 am
06/19/18 12:15 pm
06/27/18 8:45 am
07/17/18 12:15 pm
07/25/18 8:30 am
08/21/18 12:15 pm
08/29/18 8:30 am
09/18/18 12:15 pm
09/26/18 8:30 am
10/16/18 12:15 pm
10/31/18 8:30 am
11/20/18 12:15 pm
11/28/18 8:30 am
12/18/18 12:15 pm
12/26/18 8:30 am

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About Jen Roszelle

I'm the founder of Living In Abundance, brand partner with Young Living Essential Oils. Usually when people ask me about myself, I most often respond with "I'm a homeschooling mama!" I love that I am able to work from home, spend quality time with my youngest child, and be able to pursue my passion to help others live the life they dream of.

I'm an avid reader and researcher. In my previous profession (Information Technology) I supervised a corporate Help Desk and developed training on how to query sales data. So, you see, I'm really a geek at heart. Being able to homeschool my youngest has been a blast because I'm learning right along side of her!

My husband and I have 4 children together, the 3 oldest are all adults and on their own. We now have 3 granddaughters too! We had our last child the year I turned 40. Let me tell you, having a baby in your 40's is not for the faint of heart! After my last child was born, I struggled to lose weight and my energy levels were bottoming out.  I immersed myself in learning about holistic methods to improve my health. It was during this search that I discovered Young Living Essential Oils and I knew I had found what I was seeking. I found a company with integrity and with the highest standards for purity and quality in the industry. I found my home. I found my purpose. I rediscovered my own wellness and I am able to share all of this with others which makes my heart happy.

I facilitate workshops on a variety of wellness topics and I love to speak to groups on ways to live more abundantly. Doesn't everyone want more abundance? My favorite workshops are in person because I really want for people to be able to experience these amazing essential oils and oil-infused products first hand. I also offer online workshops for those who are at a distance and not able to attend in person.





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