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Shelly Good-Cook

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07/11/17 6:00 pm
Alexandria, VA 22306

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09/12/17 6:00 pm

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About Shelly Good-Cook

Welcome to Alexandria’s Heart Link Network Chapter. My peers call me a “quintessential connector” and “master communicator”. I have a passion for putting the right people and resources together to “make things happen”, so I was thrilled to learn of The Heart Link Network because it gives me a platform to do what I love best...connect with other women in the Alexandria area and help them create mutually beneficial relationships. You can expect events that are fun and effective. I look forward to meeting you in person at the next meeting!

I also like to help keep women safe. While working as a REALTOR I experienced an incident that caused me to question my choices for personal safety.  I began to look at all the options available and was so impressed with Damsel In Defense’s product line that I signed on as “Independent Damsel Pro”.  I’m now teaching Women’s Safety and Empowerment classes to REALTORS and other groups of interested women and my Damsel business has quickly taken off. 

I grew up in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, and was raised on a small family farm. Learning to cultivate the garden and take care of livestock taught me the value of hard work and respect for the land at a young age. Perhaps it is the continuous change of seasons and never-ending work to be done that give me drive and an absence of belief in failure. Whether it is a drought one season, too much rain the next, or any number of other catastrophes that can befall farmers, you keep going and make do with what you have. You only truly fail when you stop trying or if you don’t find a lesson in your “non-successes”.

Graduating from James Madison University with a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, my identical twin sister and I were the first in our family to attend college. Following college I lived in Virginia Beach; Baton Rouge; and Hattiesburg, Mississippi before moving back home to Virginia. I settled in the Metro DC region where I directed the membership marketing efforts for several associations, including the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing; National Utility Contractors Association; and American Chamber of Commerce Executives.

Despite the hundred mile distance, I remain closely connected to my home in the Shenandoah Valley, where I accepted an appointment to the board of directors of the Shenandoah Germanic Heritage Museum. I was a member of the five person team that launched the museum’s first annual GermanFest in 2010. My willingness to learn new things and drive to achieve success resulted in my wearing many hats to get the festival launched, including budgeting; branding; advertising; marketing; public relations; website content creation; process creation, finding and hiring entertainers; assisting with securing sponsors, crafters, re-enactors and vendors; even single handedly painting the stage; and serving as the emcee on the day of the event. I have been active in many community organizations including the PTA; Society of Virginia; Girl Scouts; Daughters of the American Revolution; my Church; and Cable Positive (raising funds for HIV/AIDS awareness), where I served as the founding Co-Chair and board member of the Washington-Baltimore Chapter.

Latest Event (Jun 13, 2017)

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