Montclair, VA 22025 (USA)

Janie L. Thompson

Upcoming Event

03/26/18 6:30 pm
Montclair (Dumfries), VA 22025

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04/23/18 6:30 pm
05/28/18 6:30 pm
06/25/18 6:30 pm
07/23/18 6:30 pm
08/27/18 6:30 pm
09/24/18 6:30 pm
10/22/18 6:30 pm
11/26/18 6:30 pm
12/17/18 6:30 pm
01/28/19 6:30 pm

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About Janie L. Thompson

Thirty-One Gifts: working my business make me feel good because I am helping women find totes and purses they love. Helping them organize their house, office, and other space. They will have more confidence in themselves. I have an Associate Degree in Computer Science/Programming, another Associates Degree in Computer Science/Software & Hardware. Then, I decided that I did not want to be in the computer field. So, I went back to college and received my Bachelors Degree in Human Resources. I have been in the heating, air conditioning, plumbing field for several years. Being raised as a pastor’s daughter I care a lot about people and their business. I want to help others. My husband Scott served in the United States Army for 20 years. We have one daughter and one son. Our daughter Amy graduated from George Mason University; she now has our one and only grandson. Our son Danny is in the United States Army. Cinnamon is our Chihuahua dog. My life has been geared toward helping other.

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