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Lynne Cutler

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24/04/18 9:45 am
Upper Coomera Centre 90 Reserve Road (Cnr.Abrahams Road)
Upper Coomera, Qld 4209

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23/05/18 9:45 am
20/06/18 9:45 am
18/07/18 9:45 am
15/08/18 9:45 am
26/09/18 9:45 am
24/10/18 9:45 am
21/11/18 9:45 am

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About Lynne Cutler


Lynne Was a Chapter Consultant in the early 2000s for Leads Club.  The Industry she worked in at that time was Beauty Therapy. She has since taught subjects in the beauty industy and set up her salon 'The New You'.  During her time as a beauty therapist her intuition expanded.  She has the ability to heal with Intuitive energy healing which she incorporated into her treatments if and when needed.  Her healing abilities have expanded and grown.  Lynne has the ability to channel information to her client when intuitively reading insightful goals and achievements which is also included in her healing treatments.

Lynne believes her regular meditation each morning enables her to give and receive more insightful messages and knowledge for herself and clients. Lynne teaches steps to easily relax the body to a meditative state. 

November last year she triumphed by publishing her book 'I am the Messenger' of unusual events that happened during her life.  Visit her website to find out more.






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