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About Treyonda Towns

Creating RELATIONSHIPS that could work together to help rebuild lives through providing services, products or just networking with others excited to partner up and grow together in our lives and businesses. I am an Entrepreneur at heart with several small home businesses including Travel, jewelry, and skin care because being a woman myself, I have realized that we as women still desire to look & feel good no matter what the circumstances. I have a mission to stand in Faith and to grow in those things Spiritual as I was created to do. This allows me to be Compassionate and Loving; staying sensitive to the needs of Family which brings about a Peace and Serenity that continues to Motivate and Create an atmosphere of Empowerment. I have always been an advocate at some capacity throughout my life but in 2008 a horrible tragedy that my family experienced, crossed paths with a community organization that focused on Parent Leadership. Here is where I have been active in several of the umbrella chapters that make room for me to practice advocacy, policy and procedure initiatives locally, state and nationally, peer training and leadership skill building for women and children living within our underrepresented communities.  This work encouraged my decision to become a Certified Life Transformation Coach, founder/CEO of the F.L.O.W as well as,The Janee' V Towns foundation(in honor of my deceased daughter). These Professions/ Organizations is where crisis support is provided after Extreme life transitions has occurred especially if it is to the violent loss of a loved one. Mentorship, advocacy for the surviving siblings, charitable care packages, and the linkage to valuable resources are the goals within this work. In addition, I am also a state certified sexual assault advocate & educator and domestic violence advocate where I use these skills to build relationships among those whose lives has been shattered by such incidences. Bringing this together with my goal to be a practicing Clinical Psychologist along with my spiritual wisdom to help influence and nurture the lives broken by trauma within our communities and cities. My desire is to flow this together in such a way that it would not only undergird and empower myself and others continuously, but it would create a tidal wave of non traditional collaborations within communities throughout the city, reenforcing the value and strength behind healthy RELATIONSHIPS.

Latest Event (Jun 24, 2017)

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