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About Jaime Goodman

In 2013, I began building a business to create a plan B for myself and my children. For the 12 years prior, I worked in the dental industry marketing for multiple practices, consistently smashing annual sales quotas and receiving bonuses on top of my healthy base salary and benefits. What I found though was that every January, I would be “rewarded” with higher quotas and an even larger sales territory to cover, meaning I'd have to work even harder and spend more time away from home, just to make the same amount as the year prior. After my 4th daughter, my goals shifted and my plan B became my plan A. I didn’t just want to be home more, I needed to be home more. To stay at home and also have a career, that’s why I felt compelled to launch the company. Having proven that it was possible and knowing what it had meant for me, I became determined to help other people get back to their families. Whether they needed to replace or supplement their income, I knew that I could help anyone achieve their goals. Since then, myself and several of my leaders have grown MGGG to a company of over 175 team-members across the country and around the world. For 1/3 of those people, their work with MGGG has become their primary source of income. The others work with MGGG part-time, on their schedules, alongside their other careers. The team I started is now comprised of fabulous people from all different backgrounds, education levels and work experience. One of my favorite things about MGGG is the incredible level of support that team members provide to each other; everybody working toward the same goal of helping themselves and others build businesses that create corporate-level, residual income while maintaining flexibility that can’t be found anywhere else. And I'll be the first to say that they have a lot of fun along the way, too! I would love to hear from you!

About Katie Rabinowitz

Housewife, Mother, Artist

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