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Murphy, TX 75094 (USA)

Kelly Abdellatif

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03/19/17 12:00 pm
Murphy, TX 75094

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Mar 21 @ 12:00 pm

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About Kelly Abdellatif

Owner Happy Tree Pilates and Monat Distributor

I am a married mother of five who discovered Pilates in 2000 after the birth of my first child. Following her birth, I was overweight (5'4", 190 lbs), I had poor posture and I was a half inch shorter than before the pregnancy. As a new mom balancing both time (I was working full time) and finances, I committed to a package of ten. With the support of my instructor, I regained the height, lost the weight and felt better than before the pregnancy. I loved the efficiency of Pilates; I loved the results and I wanted to share my new found passion with others. Five years after that first lesson, I started living my dream of teaching Pilates to others. While my initial understanding of Pilates still propels me, after 10 years of teaching I now know the true power of Pilates. It exceeds simple weight loss, Pilates truly restores health at all levels. I continually marvel in the ingenuity of Joseph Pilates and the healing system he created.

In addition to helping people transform their bodies I am also a Monat Distributor.  Monat is a naturally based, anti-aging hair product line.   It started as simply wanting to supply my family with safe hair products.  It grew into a passion as I saw the joy of people having hair again and also simply loving their hair. Being part of the Monat family also allows me to transform lives at the financial level.    Helping others is probably my number one passion. 

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