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Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 (USA)

Peggy McMahon

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04/26/18 11:30 am
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

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05/31/18 11:30 am

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About Peggy McMahon

 Welcome and thank you for visiting our  Heartlink Women's Networking Chapter in Fountain Hills  AZ.  We are an awesome group of successful entreprenurial women who love to get together to network, develop long lasting friendships, support and empower one another.  It's as simple as that! 

One of my passions is to refer and connect women so they can collaborate, be successful, dream big and attain their personal and professional goals. Being a Heartlink leader enables me,  to  facilitate this and so much more! The Hearltink network helps you connect and feel like you belong!

We are a tribe of likeminded women  supporting and empowering  one another.  We  share our talents and expertise in a welcoming and comfortable environment which is very positive and confidence building. We also laugh and have a good time together.

As an experienced Personal Wellness Coach, I thrive on helping others attain not only their health and wellness goals, but to live the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of, and so much more.   For me, Wellness is the paths of Knowledge and Action combined together.    Every little wellness step help. Lets all work together to accomplish our wellness goals and enjoy a better tomorrow!

Come vist and/or Join our wonderful group of heartlinked women in beautiful Fountain Hills, Arizona. Feel free to reach out to say hello, learn more about me and my business, and our Fountain Hills Tribe.  Contact me at   fountainhillsheartlink@gmail.com

Have an awesome day!!

6 Figure Wellness

 Better Health, Safer Products,
       Brighter Future!

Latest Event (Feb 22, 2018)

Our Fabulous Attendees

Jennifer Harman, Bobbi Tolliver, Sandy Sue Rector, Carla Engel, Cheryl Schaaf, Debbie Elder, Jennifer Johnson, Judy Nural, Kathy Craig, Kim Widner, Lynne Gabrielson, Peggy McMahon, Sheila Haren, Susan Wehrle, Tina Kawar, Tracey Kaste, Veronica Japp, Victoria Trafton,

Member Showcase Tina Kawar

Tina is very warm, fun and professional! We are lucky to have her in our Fountain Hills Chapter. Tina loves fun fashionable colorful shoes and wears them well at any event!! She always has a beautiful smile for everyone, supports and empowers her sister-members, teams up and co-hosts events with her chapter sisters, shares ideas and provides incredible input into every meeting. Tina is an insurance agent with Liberty Mutual committed to helping you find a comprehensive, cost-effective personal insurance

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