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Nancy Chapin

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About Nancy Chapin

I am a Residential & Investment Real Estate Consultant. I assist people with buying or selling their homes, as well as diversifying their investment portfolio with the purchase of quality investment rental property in the core Seattle area. Especially, as people perceive the real estate market to be so horrible (thanks in part to the media hype), I am passionate about helping people see all the options they have to accomplish their goals in an efficient and profitable way.
I also am blessed to have discovered the amazing nutritional cleanse system, Isagenix. This sytem has me feeling 15 years younger, rested, energetic, clear-headed, and wearing clothes 2 sizes smaller. I am so passionate about the life changing effects of this system, that I also work as a Nutritional Cleanse Coach, facilitating people finding the health, vitality, and wealth that is our birth right.

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