Attend a women's networking group event with Mary McVicker & Elizabeth Hawthorne in Thousand Oaks , CA

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Frequently Asked and Answered Questions about The Heart Link Network, Women networking event.
  • What is the HLN Format?
  • The Heart Link Women's Networking meeting begins with a light meal and socializing. This part of the event is where the bonding process begins. After the meal, women attendees receive 3 minutes to showcase their businesses, products or services and distribute literature. After the formal networking many women gather to connect, make appointments, learn about each other and share more deeply.
  • Should I attend alone or with a friend?
  • Always invite a friend. You are going to have the time of your life meeting extraordinary women. Therefore reserve a spot for both you and a friend. You are going to want to share this great experience with another women professional you know. Come linked. When you bring a friend that has never attended a HLN meeting before, you and your friend may register together for only $35 (for both of you)!
  • Is there an upfront membership fee to attend The Heart Link Network events?
  • No, there is no upfront membership fee.
  • How much does it cost to attend a meeting?
  • It only costs $20 to attend an event, and that includes a 3 minute showcase and your meal! If you register a first-time attendee to attend as your guest, our "Come Linked" program allows you and your guest to attend for a total of $35. You may also pre-register for multiple meetings in advance to save even more!
    $20 regular monthly pay-in-advance
    $15 when prepaying for 6mos or 12 mos
    $25 same-day, with leader's approval, space permitting
    $15 Sister Chapter Leaders
    $10 Honorees of the Month
    $35 registering with a 1st time attendee
  • Do you offer incentives for pre-paying to attend?
  • Yes. We offer pre-pay attendee appreciation incentives when you pre-pay to attend for 6 mos or 12 mos.

    A. 6 months ($90) - Registration to our women’s networking event for the following 6 months ($150 value) + one year listing in The Heart Link Network's Consultant/Professional Directory ($45 value) + 50% discount on Heart Grows: Business For Women Training ($132 value).
    $327 total value

    B. 12 months ($180) - Registration to our women's networking event for the following 12 months ($300 value) +  One Year listing in The Heart Link Network's Consultant/Professional Directory ($45 value) + one-year Flip Box ad on the " Find Success Online Mall"($480 value) + One-year "Featured Business" ad on your local Chapter’s website ($300 value) + 50% discount on Heart Grows: Business For Women Training ($132 value)
    $1,257 total value

  • May I bring something to the event to showcase my business?
  • Yes! You are welcome to bring business materials, products to pass around, and samples to give.  If you have food, flowers, or anything to make the meetings extra special, consider becoming a Heart Link Network BartHer for your chapter!  BartHers provide food, flowers, desserts, etc for 3 months and receive wonderful gifts from The Heart Link Network such as a Flip Box ad on, listing in Consultant Directory, and a 50% discount to
  • Is being a Chapter Leader a paid position?
  • No, but they do receive tremendous benefits by leading! Each Heart Link Women's Networking Area Coordinator is a giver by nature. It takes a special personality to love and support women in this wonderful way. Although our leaders collect the attendance fees, those funds go to pay for the expenses involved in running their chapter including chapter dues, food, and supplies. However, we give our leaders many exciting and wonderful advertising and marketing benefits, the ability to have SponsHERS, excellent training to aid them in becoming extraordinary networkers and stand out leaders in their community.
  • What is the appropriate attire for the event and what type of food do you serve?
  • Many women come to the event from work so attire varies from business casual to comfortable. A light meal is served - oftentimes accompanied by a salad with everything on the side, and dessert. If you are in a business that would benefit by being showcased at the meetings, ask your Chapter Leader about being recognized as a BartHER (and the benefits our BartHERs receive!) by bringing food, desserts, supplies, flowers, etc to make the meetings extra special.
  • What is "Monthly HONOREE Appreciation"?

  • The Heart Link Women's Network is unique in that it is the only networking organization that HONORS women professionals who are not usually invited to professional networking events, Each month The Heart Link Women's Network chooses women of various professions and groups to appreciate from the community. For example: Teachers, Nurses, New Moms, Non-Profit employees, Administrative Assistants, Dental professionals, Military and Fire and Police professionals or their spouses, etc. Be sure to check what HONOREES are being celebrated each month so that you can reach out and invite one of these amazing women to be loved and appreciated for all they do in the community, during our event.
  • Are there speakers at the networking events?
  • There are no speakers at our Heart Link Networking events because our goal is to showcase you and the other attendees for 3 full minutes instead of showcasing a speaker. Some HLN leaders choose to have additional gatherings for education, fun, vendor fairs etc., but at the Heart Link Networking events, YOU are the star.
  • Can I have more than 3 minutes?
  • The Heart Link Network was created on mountains of research on the way women communicate. Three minutes is the perfect amount of time to connect, begin the bonding process and remain fresh in other's minds. We ask that attendees adhere to their 3 minute showcase provided during each meeting. Women will respect other attendees who are careful to use their 3 minutes wisely and well. Women tend to stop listening and paying attention to those who attempt to steal an extra minute or two. To share in more depth, we encourage you to follow up and connect with the women you meet at the event.
  • Will I be the only women in my industry?
  • Many of our locations are company-exclusive instead of industry-exclusive. Because there are various direct sales companies that offer similar (but not the same) products such as healthy chocolate, coffee, juices, jewelry, skincare, shakes, etc., we choose to allow companies to showcase "special" areas or products their companies produce. Please watch our Industry Exclusivity video to learn how The Heart Link Network focuses on collaboration, cooperation and genuine connection. Women are more likely to "shop" if there are choices. Being the only jewelry, health, or skincare representative does not, in any way, ensure that attendees will buy your product. However, if attendees experience your kindness, generosity and support of others, they will definitely be more inspired to become one of your favorite customers!
  • Can I skip dinner and pay less?
  • No. The bonding process begins during this special time. Meal time is where all great connections begin. If you show up just to do your "commercial", women are not going to trust you. The Heart Link Network was designed according to human bonding and connection processes. Trust the process. It works.
  • What if I pay and discover I can't attend at the last minute? Can I get a refund?
  • No. But you may ask your leader, or a friend, or someone in your company to attend and share your commercial on your behalf. The leader has likely excluded other women in order to reserve your spot and planned ahead for food and supplies. If you cannot attend at the last minute, you will remain on the roster and you will receive a copy of the roster so that you may follow up with the ladies you did not get a chance to meet. With enough notice, and a legitimate emergency, some leaders may choose to allow you to attend the next event at a discounted price.
  • Why does it cost $20 to attend?
  • $20 is a very small investment for such a valuable advertising opportunity. Mail coupons that everyone throws away cost hundreds of dollars. Chamber memberships are very expensive. Newspaper and magazine advertising can cost thousands of dollars. Television can cost millions of dollars. At The Heart Link Network, you will advertise your business to your target market, create meaningful relationships, have a wonderful light meal, and have a fabulous time... and it is only $20. Yes, you are right, why does it only cost $20?

    The Heart Link Network is a true value for a spectacular networking event for women. Newspaper and magazine advertising can cost thousands of dollars. Television can cost millions of dollars. At the Heart Link Network you can advertise your products, services and yourself to a target market that is paying attention, have a wonderful light meal, meet extraordinary women, and have a fabulous time and YOU choose how much you want to save when attending.
  • How do I register to attend the meeting?
  • First, contact your Chapter Leader to make sure your company spot is still available!  If your spot is available, pay the registration fee to your chapter leader directly. Find out your leader's preferred method of payment to reserve your spot. Please remember, most events are company exclusive, which means only one person may represent each company so spaces fill up quickly! Your payment IS your reservation.  
Chapter Leader of
Thousand Oaks , CA 91360
The Heart Link Network Area Coordinator for Mary McVicker, Elizabeth Hawthorne
Mary McVicker
Elizabeth Hawthorne
  • 12/17/15 6:00 pm

  • 100 Corporate East Bldg, corner of Moorpark Rd & Thousand Oaks Blvd.
  • Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
  • Registration


Your health and comfort are very important to us, therefore please contact our HLN leaders with any allergy concerns whether they be food allergies, or allergies to pets.

Monthly Honorees

  • Click here to learn about our
    Monthly Honoree program

  • January
    Mothers; Sisters
  • February
    Women you love
  • March
    Nurses; Firefighter; Police; Military or their spouse
  • April
    Female Volunteers
  • May
    New Moms
  • June
    Teachers, Non-profit Organization Leaders
  • July
    Best Friends & Neighbors
  • August
    Girl Scout Troop & other Girls Groups Leaders
  • September
    Teachers; Preschool, School Administrators
  • October
    Breast Cancer Survivors & Cancer Counselors
  • November
    Nurses; Firefighter; Police; Military or their spouse
  • December
    Women who are "GIFTS" in your life

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  • My name:
  • Mary McVicker
  • My Occupation:
  • Thank you for visiting our chapter page! I am excited to lead networking events for women in our community. I look forward to helping ladies network, build relationships & grow their business. The Heart Link Network has really helped me grow my business over the past two years. Be sure to register as soon as possible, as spaces fill up quickly!

    A little about me:
    I am a Lead Consultant Scentsy Wickless Candles. Scentsy began with a simple idea—a safe, wickless alternative to scented candles —and quickly grew into one of the most successful direct selling companies in the industry.

    It all started with decorative warmers and scented wax. Scentsy Fragrance quickly grew and expanded its product line to include all kinds of wonderful products to fill your life with fabulous fragrance! Visit our website to learn more!
  • My Background: (education and business)
  • I have been selling Scentsy for over 4 years and love how our product enhances a home or office with your favorite scent. I have also been in the Travel industry for over 25 years. I enjoyed traveling around the world, and seeing my customers have a rewarding, one of a kind moment on their trips! I now work full time for the Sheraton Agoura Hills in the Sales/Catering Dept. which allows me to stay home with my boyfriend.
  • Most inspiring books:
  • The Happiness Project
  • Most inspiring person:
  • My Mom - she is the wind beneath my wings!
  • My name:
  • Elizabeth Hawthorne